Federal and State Estate Taxes

Thursday, August 11th - Noon EST

Estate taxes are an ongoing source of confusion and concern for many families. While most people are not subject to federal estate taxes at the moment, that may change in the coming years. Further, Massachusetts has one of the most onerous estate tax burdens in the country.

Join Dan Galli, CFP® and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® to learn more about estate taxes at both the federal and state levels, and what can be done ahead of time to mitigate them.

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Thursday, September 8th - Noon EST

Inheriting funds can be both overwhelming and confusing. People often wonder about what has to happen quickly, whether assets should be sold or not, and tax implications of passing or receiving various types of assets (retirement accounts, house proceeds, insurance payments, etc.).

If you are a family planning to pass assets to the next generation, or if you are someone anticipating receiving an inheritance in the coming years, this webinar will help you understand what happens administratively when someone dies, and the implications from both a tax and investment perspective.

Join Dan Galli, CFP® and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® to learn more about optimal ways to pass assets to heirs, and what to expect if you receive an inheritance.

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Kids & Money: Everything Parents & Grandparents Need To Know

Thursday, October 13th - Noon EST

Can my child open a Roth IRA? What about saving for college? Allowance vs paying kids to do chores? Can I make a gift directly to my grandchild?

Join (grandparent!) Dan Galli, CFP® and (parent!) Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® as they share useful information for grandparents, parents, and families about strategies for saving, learning, and passing an increased level of financial literacy down to future generations.

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Congress and Changes That Affect You

Thursday, November 10th - Noon EST

After the failure of 2021's Build Back Better plan and with most of 2022 in the rear view mirror, we will talk about pending federal legislation, as well as potential forthcoming tax and investment changes that might affect you.

Join Dan Galli, CFP® and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® to discuss current rules and regulations and how they might be modified.

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Year-End Planning: Finishing Up 2022

Thursday, December 8th - Noon EST

The last month of the year typically presents opportunities for investment and tax strategies, before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

Join Dan Galli, CFP® and Karen Van Voorhis, CFP® to talk about how best to optimize 2022, given the prior 11 months and what might be coming in 2023.

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