Why 403(b) Plans Are So Important For You

Teachers have a unique savings opportunity

A 403(b) Savings Plan!

A 403(b) plan allows teachers to arrange to conveniently save money from each paycheck, before both Federal and State income taxes are withheld! This powerful plan allows teachers to reduce income taxes while building significant additional savings for retirement. Accounts can be started with as little as $25 per paycheck. However, substantial and siginificant savings can be achieved, up to $30,000 per year in some cases, fully pre-tax.

How Can We Help?

At Daniel J. Galli & Associates, we have a quarter century of experience in helping teachers set up 403(b) accounts. We also provide on-going attention and service to the accounts. We help you set up your plan, arrange the investments and monitor and manage the account to provide your account with the potential to achieve your goals.

Let Us Help You Start A Plan Today

If you have an exisitng 403(b) account, we can provide an analysis of your current investments and make suggestions for improvements to the account. We can help coordinate your 403(b) account with other retirement accounts such as your IRA and Roth-IRA accounts. We can even help to arrange to transfer the existing balances from your current accounts to your custom designed and managed investment accounts.

Let Us Review and Analyze Your 403(b)

If you would like more information about your 403(b) plans or would like to begin one, please contact us.

Teacher's Buying Back Service The Easy Way

Massachusetts teachers who need to buy back past years of service before retiring, can pay for those years using untaxed money! Your 403(b) accounts can be used for these buy backs.

If you don't have a 403(b) or it's value is too modest, no problem... you can fund or start one until it is large enough to use. Money in an IRA, 457 or other plan? It's possible to use those dollars for buying back years, however, some special steps need to be taken.

This is a huge advantage for public school teachers in Massachusetts.

If you have any questions or would like us to help with this important planning, contact us here.