Where am I?

Should my investments be less aggressive? More aggressive? What’s a net worth statement and why do people say that I need one? Do I have a good list of all of our accounts and their location?

Understanding your accounts and investments while being organized can be very useful to you and your family when you’re transitioning into retirement. We can provide clarity for this next phase of life.

Where am I going?

How can I avoid running out of money? Will I have enough to live on? Should I pay off my mortgage? How do I know when I’ll be able to retire?

It’s hard to know if you’re on the right track – we can help.



How will I get there?

How do my accounts produce income during my retirement? What are the special rules at age 72? When should I start taking Social Security? Should I go on Medicare or stay on my employer’s private health coverage? Should I consolidate some of my retirement accounts? Can I tap the equity in my house to help fund retirement? How do I know what account to use first?

Retirement can be a challenging and full of rules and regulations.
We have lots of experience in navigating these waters.

How do I protect my plan?

Do I need long term care insurance? When should I buy it? Do I need still need life insurance if I’m going to retire? How does Medicare work? Do I need to change my investments and if so, how? How do I avoid running out of money? How do I plan for health insurance costs?

Insurance, health care and investment considerations take on a different focus in retirement.

We can help you make sound decisions.